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Wesson's Canine Bakery

Wesson’s Canine Bakery was born out of a desire to see better in the dog treat industry! After the death of Hannah’s childhood dog due to the chemicals in a still to this day popular dog treat, Hannah sought a degree in Canine Nutrition and through that learned how formulate healthy meals and treats with nutritional benefits as healthier options for the dogs in our life.

In 2018, Wesson’s Canine Bakery officially became licensed through the FDA and then in the State of Indiana to begin selling nationwide. We put each of our treats through a strenuous process to ensure quality and purity before they are ever officially available for sale— this includes each flavor of our treats and each of our skin care products we produce.

We strive to be a source for your family in helping to ensure better for your fur baby through their whole health and well-being! If you ever have any questions about any of our products or just have a general canine question, feel free to reach out and message or email us and we will gladly answer to the best of our abilities, or direct you to someone who may be of more help for you!

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