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Bloomington Precision Sharpening Service

Brett Morse, a former culinary instructor, professional chef, and butcher, started Bloomington Precision Sharpening Service (BPSS) in 2017 after an injury led him to change careers. As a long-time blacksmith, knife enthusiast, and at-home sharpener, it was natural for Brett to take those interests to the next level and launch his own sharpening service. Brett quickly earned certification as a shear sharpener from the National Beauty Sharpener's Guild and as a repair technician from Anvil Shears. After a year of part time sharpening at farmers' markets, Brett was able to grow the business into a full-time job, sharpening at restaurants, salons, groomers, and barber shops all across the southern half of Indiana in his mobile sharpening van. The other half of BPSS is Sarah Milward, Brett's wife and business partner, who handles their website, social media, graphics, and customer service on market days.

Items BPSS sharpens include kitchen knives, lawn and garden tools, scissors, beauty and grooming shears, clipper blades, and construction and woodworking bits and blades. Brett also repairs chipped knife edges, broken knife tips, knife handles, beauty and grooming shears, and clippers. If that isn't enough, Brett also makes kitchen knives which can be found only at the BPSS booth at farmers' markets. Most kitchen, garden, beauty, and grooming items can be sharpened on site at the market while customers shop.

Customers can drop off and pick up items using a locker system at their house at 6824 W. May Rd. See the website for full details.

Visit their website for a full list of items and prices, market dates, info on dropping off items, or to sign up for the BPSS Newsletter.

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