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Aahaa Chai

Aahaa Chai sells gourmet Chai and Tea Blends based in Indianapolis, Indiana. They sell unique chai blends, ice tea blends and chai concentrates.

Raji, the owner and creator of Aahaa Chai is from India, where spice is life. She grew up in a small town cradled in the foot hills of Western Ghats, enjoying several different herbal teas made by her mom. Knowledge and use of spices is an integral part of her culture- not just for the flavor profile of the spices but a much greater appreciation for their health benefits. She traveled across the globe to United States for her graduate studies, and this small town Indian girl was thrilled to find chai at coffee shops. But when she tried it, it did not even remotely match the authentic, fresh cup of chai brewed at home.

When life forced her to switch gears from being a researcher to an entrepreneur (mompreneur!), she was committed to recreate Masala chai (tea with flavorful spices) by staying true to her roots and bring back life into every sip of this magical beverage! Sipping chai is an experience and all of us deserve an Aahaa (WOW!) experience!


At Aahaa Chai, we passionately pursue to change the way people think about chai (as just a very sweet beverage with tea) by creating unique organic chai selections that are exclusive, diverse, and delightful! We make conscious effort towards this goal by hand crafting and blending every product using high quality organic tea and natural spices that are aromatic and healthy! We strive to provide an Aahaa (WOW!) experience to our customers by delivering fresh tasting, refreshing masala chai, crafted and brewed in small batches with home and loads of love in mind!

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