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3 Dogs and a Mom

3 Dogs and a Mom is the place for handmade, limited ingredient dog treats. Today, an endless supply of dog treats is available and ready to chose from. After losing my loyal canine companion, Charlie, at barely 11 years old, I was blessed with 2 loving, energetic Labs — Amos & Otis. This time around, I decided to make better choices and focus on eliminating artificial flavors, colors and preservatives so I started reading labels. I quickly discovered that it is tough to find a dog treat with recognizable ingredients, and soon decided to take things into my own hands. I started experimenting, and the next thing you know I was working with a talented photographer, website designer and preparing batches to submit to a professional Lab for testing. In December 2019, it was official! We successfully obtained our Commercial Feed License from the Department of Agriculture and Amos and Otis were hired into their official roles on the QA Team as Taste Testers.
3 Dogs and a Mom is a family owned business. Our team is focused on providing high quality, limited ingredient dog treats and impeccable customer service. We love dogs and we are excited to grow and ultimately give back to our community. Do you like what you see on the dog treat labels you’re reading? If not, give 3 Dogs and a Mom a try. You can rest easy, knowing we will put as much goodness into treats for your dogs as we do for our own!

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