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Scholars Inn Bakehouse

The Scholars Inn Bakehouse was created 20 years ago to offer the Bloomington community world class European breads and pastries.

In 2001, Lyle & Kerry Feigenbaum, owners of the the very popular upscale restaurant, The Scholars Inn Gourmet Cafe & Wine Bar, purchased the Bakehouse to offer their guests gourmet breads and baked goods. Very quickly word spread of the quality of Bakehouse products. Soon Bakehouse breads, bagels pastries and of course Bakehouse Granola were found in restaurants all over the Bloomington area. Within the next few years these products were found all over the Midwest as the Scholars Inn Bakehouse teamed with wholesalers and major retailers in the area.

As our sales grew, so too did our facilities! In 2006, Scholars Inn Bakehouse wholesale operation moved from the original downtown Bloomington location to a 10,000 square foot facility just north of Bloomington . Though Bakehouse products proudly do not use preservatives, you can now find them across the country, especially Bakehouse Granola, which has the most dedicated following in the industry!

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