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Risin' Creek Creamery

We make our products from milk produced on our farm; more importantly, we make our products ONLY from milk produced on our farm - 100% farmstead. This gives us total control of our most important ingredient, milk, ensuring that quality is never compromised. Having over 35 years of experience milking goats gives us a decisive advantage over other producers.

Our farm is located in Martinsville, IN. Goats, family, creamery, it's all right there. A unique aspect where the milk travels just 30 feet from goat to bulk tank to cheese vat. The goats are milked by the same hands that make and package the cheese.

No artificial hormones, no steroids, no antibiotics, just a good understanding of what it takes for our girls to be productive and healthy. We don't use anti-caking agents or preservatives in our cheese either.​

We grew up on this land, our children have too, and now our grandchild is. It's more than business to respect our farmland, it's a family obligation. We fertilize our hay fields with composted manure, feed our whey to our herd of pigs, avoid chemical sprays on our pastures and hay fields, and always consider our carbon footprint.

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