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Pie First Bakery

Pie First Bakery, located in Owen County, was started in 2012 after Louise Miracle and her husband, Rick, discovered that really good pie was becoming a lost art. That summer, they visited as many pie shops as they could find throughout Indiana and Michigan. They were somewhat shocked by the near universal lack of tasty, flakey crusts; and most fillings were overly sweet and gluey.

At age 4, Louise had learned how to make pies from her German grandmother, Nanee. Armed with the love of pie making and seeing the need for quality pies, Pie First Bakery was born. Today, Louise continues to enjoy helping customers choose from among her 50+ kinds of pies, along with an array of tarts, cookies, muffins, scones, quiche and extra-gooey cinnamon rolls.

Pie First Bakery offers a delicious assortment of 9-inch pies, 4-inch tarts, jumbo cookies, muffins, authentic British scones (not the dry and cakey versions so often seen in bakeries), along with cinnamon rolls and quiche.

Everything is hand-made and from scratch. There are no preservatives or artificial flavorings. All our doughs and batters are made by hand — no mixes or pre-made fillings. We use the best butter we can find, along with vanilla from Madagascar and Vietnamese cinnamon.

We take a lot of pride in our baked goods and their production. Our facility is a certified food kitchen registered by Monroe and Owen Counties’ health departments. Our promise to customers for quality baked goods.



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