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Piccoli Dolci

Piccoli Dolci offers an authentic taste of the rich regional food cultures of Italy. Whether you have a taste for sweet or savory flavors (or both!), we are eager to serve you a special experience of all-from-scratch Italian cuisine. Consider us for your next party/event or simply let us give you a night off from cooking with heat and serve meals available for pick-up! We will also have a rotating stock of delicious grab-and-go pastries and lunch items.

Piccoli Dolci was first established as a small home business serving authentic Italian regional specialty cookies in 2011. Ever since, the business has steadily grown and evolved to meet the needs of our lovely customers in greater Bloomington as caterers, wholesalers, farmer's market retailers, and now in the form of our flagship holiday pop-up location.

For wholesale inquiries and other questions:

Physical address (kitchen):

2361 W Rappel Ave

Bloomington, IN 47404

(pop-up shop):

223 S Pete Ellis Dr Suite#27 Bloomington, IN 47408

Online shop



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