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Muddy Fork Bakery

Muddy Fork is home to Indiana’s only wood-fired, solar-powered brick-oven bakery, where we make the finest sourdough and whole-grain breads and world-class pastries. We mill organic wheats, rye, and kamut fresh for each bake on our stone mill. We use only organic grain, the majority from Janie’s Farm in Ashkum, IL. We make our bread in the ancient tradition of great bread - lots of water, freshly milled flour, salt, and a wild leavening culture. The fermentation is long and slow, and the loaves have a crust that crackles and a light, moist crumb that keeps for days. We bake all night Friday nights and bring our bread and pastries at the peak of freshness to the farmers’ market and stores.

Visit our on-line store for Saturday mornings with options for home delivery, 6 neighborhood pick-up locations plus pick-ups available at Bloomingfoods East and the Bakery.



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