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MKONO Farm is a small batch swinery in Bloomington, Indiana, that specializes in the slow growing heritage breed Kunekune. We are a pastured piggery that practices pasture rotation fostering permaculture systems on farm. We strive to utilize the Kunekune pig in every facet we can by selling show stock, breeding stock, homestead stock, and feeders to whole pig, roasters, and meat by the cut. We are the only Kunekune producer in the US with 100% certified Kunekune charcuterie.

Our pigs are humanely raised, well loved, and grass fed from start to finish. Our products include 100% certified Kunekune pork, charcuterie, lard soaps, grazing jams, and limited heritage beef.

Our flavorful products are sustainably produced FREE FROM hormones, antibiotics, GMOs, and other junk.

Our products are homegrown by Heroes Farm and a minority (woman) owned farm.

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