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Freedom Valley Farm

Jim Baughman and his brother Joe formed Freedom Valley Farm in April 2010 using 5 acres located on the 234-acre Baughman Farm in Freedom, Indiana. We are passionate about providing outstanding locally grown produce to Bloomington and surrounding communities, including Indianapolis. “Always the best in local fresh”

Freedom Valley Farm uses innovative techniques as a 4-season grower of fine natural cultivated vegetables, fruits, and other produce. The farm does not use any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides and follows organic practices. The farm has four greenhouses in production: two large stationary one for starting plants and production support; and two innovative, moveable units. The farm also uses numerous low tunnels to extend seasons. A modern 2,040 sq. ft. barn is a full featured operations facility with two walk-in refrigeration units, a climate-controlled room supporting mushroom production and a vegetable cleaning and processing area.

Freedom Valley Farm is a specialty produce grower for chefs, restaurants, and markets in the central Indiana area. Need something different or unique? Let us know your plans and ideas. We will grow to order at attractive prices.

Our specialty products include mushrooms, micro-greens, spinach, lettuces and other greens, radishes, beets, and cucumbers. Warm season crops include tomatoes, peppers, melons, and squash. We grow more than 40 varieties of vegetables and other produce.

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