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Barnhouse Farms

Sean and Chelssie McKinney run Barnhouse Farms, a small homestead farm in Spencer, Indiana. Sean and Chelssie are a self-described husband and wife team farming small, and solar powered on 6 acres.

Specializing in organically grown vegetables, Microgreens, oyster mushrooms, and free range eggs, Barnhouse Farms also handcraft goat milk soap, natural laundry soap, and beeswax candles. They take ethical growing very seriously. This means growing beyond organically, and participating in local markets focused on the work of food/social justice. All of their animals are treated with their utmost well being in mind. They eat organic feed, are treated holistically for potential illness with prevention in mind, are snuggled/scratched/petted and played with. They’re a huge part of the sustainability model of Barnhouse Farms, and an even bigger part of their farm family.

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