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Sazon Mexican Cuisine

Sazón is the name of our family business, which means seasoning and that a great product is delivered perfect and delicious.

We are a Mexican family that fell in love with Bloomington, and all the diversity and the various products available throughout the year. That’s what encouraged us to start this business on April 2016 with the Bloomington Farmers Market. We want to bring our Mexican heritage to the people of Bloomington and provide delicious authentic street tacos and salsas.

Our goal is to highlight the beautiful ingredients of Indiana, by applying traditional Mexican methods of cooking and spices to create delicious salsas, tacos and sweets. For the people that are familiar with those flavors and for those who are not, we’ll be able to enjoy an amazing local product with the bolds flavors of Mexican Cuisine.

Chef Jesus Barajas and wife Maria Ucan will be striving every Saturday at the Market to deliver the best costumer service possible and the the best product available to make people happy.


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