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Home Saponified

I started making soap in early 2017 as an experimental process to solve some of my own skin problems. I have dry, reactive skin that doesn’t respond well to heavily scented products, and I wanted to simplify and minimize my personal skincare. I found that I loved making soap, and as interest in my soap grew, I launched Home Saponified
in May of 2020. I run the business with my sister, who helps with photography and design.


Our products include handmade cold process soap, handmade ceramic soap dishes, soap accessories like soap saver bags, and felted washcloths, and clay masks.

We specialize in making handcrafted artisan soap for sensitive bodies through using traditional ingredients and methods. We use natural colorants and never use synthetic fragrance oils. Our process is inspired by simplicity and the charm of old-fashioned craftsmanship.



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