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The Flying Pig Farm

We are a small family farm located on 150 beautiful acres of pasture and woods in Spencer, IN. We began this journey because we were concerned about what we were feeding our children and ourselves. We
wanted the healthiest and most delicious food we could get our hands on. We wanted our kids to LOVE food, but it had to nourish their growing bodies. At that time, we didn't know where our food was coming from, who was raising it, how they were treating those animals, and the toll it was taking on the environment.  Dinner came wrapped in plastic from the store.  No names, no story and no real accountability. We were completely disconnected from our food system. No longer could we turn a blind eye to food being produced at the expense of the animals, community, and the land. 
We knew there had to be a better way. As it turns out, the most delicious eggs come from hens pecking and scratching outside all day. The best bacon comes from pigs grazing on grass and rooting the ground, and a delicious dinner worthy of the Thanksgiving table comes from a turkey raised outside. Not one crowded with a thousand others in a windowless barn. The best part is we can raise healthy, happy animals, AND actually improve the condition of land we farm at the same time!   
A flying pig represents believing in the impossible. For us, that means raising animals on grass and in the sunshine (where we believe they are meant to be) not in confinement. It means offering our community delicious food they can feel good about. Food free from antibiotics and hormones.  It means working together with nature for a more sustainable food system, and it means improving the condition of the land with careful grazing methods. We are
foodies, we are stewards of the land, and we are your neighbors.


Products: Pastured heritage breed pork, 100% grass fed Navajo Churro lamb, pastured chicken eggs, chicken, Thanksgiving turkey. Small batch raw honey, wool dryer balls, sheepskin rugs.

We use rotational grazing methods. Our animals are constantly moving across our land to fresh pasture and
woods. This keeps both the animals and land healthy, and provides the highest quality meat and eggs for your family.

We are a true small family farm with husband and wife team, Will and Nicci, and our 4 children, Will, Rhett, Jake and Josephine.




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