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You can find the Beanblossom Maple Guys every other Saturday at the Woolery Farmers' Market. 

In the late fall of 2020, neighbors Mike Baker and Bill Oliver walked Mike’s beautiful hardwood stand. Bill noted the numerous mature maple trees and recounted his own efforts at micro scale syrup making. That evening, after glass two or three of Cabernet Sauvignon, it was decided to embark on a joint venture to be Monroe County’s finest producer of maple syrup. That in spite of no knowledge and no equipment to do so. A degree in sugaring was acquired from YouTube university. Equipment was procured and in late January 2021, 170 trees were tapped and
production began. Production was interrupted only by the February snow and cold snap. By the last sap collection in March, we had produced over 70 gallons of beautiful syrup.

Our product is pure and natural. The only ingredient is maple sap from our mature northern Monroe county woods.

The art for our labels was done by Bloomington artist Kevin Pope. In addition to being an artist, Kevin is also a commercial farmer of rare produce.

Contact info: Bill Oliver

Website: (still under development.)

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